The 55th Anniversary of TANGSAW ended successfully

newstime: 2019-02-19

        The celebration of the 55th anniversary of the founding of TANGSAW was held in the International Hotel of ZHONGDA in January 26th, Group headquarters, all the subsidiary staffs of total more than 400 people to participate in the celebration, and sincerely invited TANGSAW retired elders to come to observe the ceremony.
        The 55th anniversary of the founding of TANGSAW in the "Happy China year" song and dance performance officially opened.

        Opening address by Group President Yang Dongqing,He said that TANGSAW has made remarkable achievements one after another thanks to the joint efforts of the new and the old TANGSAW people over the past 55 years. These fruitful results are the outcome of the hardworking of the TANGSAW people. He stressed that TANGSAW also has a long way to go in its development, which requires us to be alert and hard working at all times and adhere to the enterprise concept of "diligence, frugal, efficiency, innovation." Everyone should make great effort to move forward.

        TANGSAW family presented a brilliant, passionate performance. The scene was full of applause and laughter



        The group awarded TANGSAW historical contribution award for Fang Xianmin; awarded TANGSAW development contribution award Guo Jifu, Zhao Yuhong and Zhang Yan; awarded TANGSAW New Staff Award for Shao Hongli, Song Hao and Liu Xing, also award TANGSAW the most beautiful staffs 5 people and the charming stars 2 people

        Through songs, recitations, dramas, dances, instrumental music and sketches, the event created a warm and harmonious festive atmosphere, showing the spirit of TANGSAW people celebrating the Spring Festival.

        TANGSAW family banquet officially began after the celebration, TANGSAW family from time to time toast and full of relaxed atmosphere during the dinner,