Winter sends warmth and pass TANGSAW love to staffs and their families——Group management visit st

newstime: 2020-02-27

        TANGSAW Group President Yang Dongqing, Vice President Zheng Hongyan and Vice President Huiping went to visit TANGSAW staff family Zhang Yaxin, TANGSHENG staff family Ye Xiuli, retired staff family Wang Shuyuan and retired staff family Fang Xianmin respectively to send them New Year greetings on the eve of the Spring Festival, at the same time also visit the parents at home of French branch General Manager Xiao Cheng to thank them for their understanding and support of TANGSAW overseas work. 

President Mr.Yang Dongqing and TANGSAW staff Zhang Yaxin

        During the visit, President Yang Dongqing inquired in details about their recent life and health condition, sent them new year gifts, wishing them a happy and peaceful Spring Festival and thanking them for their hard work and efforts in the development of TANGSAW over the years.